Most HEIs, lookup companies and you will financial support companies within the Lithuania continue to be developing the GEPs and you may execution arrangements

Most HEIs, lookup companies and you will financial support companies within the Lithuania continue to be developing the GEPs and you may execution arrangements

Unusually, the brand new Lithuanian Center to possess Societal Sciences (LCSS) plus features stressed to have a healthy representation of females and you may males within the governing structures.

As the somebody throughout the Vista 2020 project “Supporting and you may Applying Agreements to have Intercourse Equality inside the Academia and Look” (SPEAR ), Vilnius College or university are required to cultivate an over-all GEP into entire university by the end off 2021

Numerous, yet not, have GEPs set up and you can statement the achievements. The modern “Plan off Measures toward Utilization of Equivalence within Vilnius Academy away from Arts” try recognized as part of their Equivalent Solutions Plan inside the 2020. It tackles equivalent potential and variety issues during the management, comprehensive society, flexible operating standards, employment and community advancement, equal shell out and you will telecommunications. No matter if intercourse equivalence is actually explicitly said in the context of equal possibilities and you may equivalent spend (scale 5.1: to be sure sex equilibrium certainly one of best ranking, and you will scale 5.2: to cease this new gender shell out gap), it is generally implicitly covered by every arrangements towards equivalent possibilities.

Vilnius University’s “Assortment and you may Equal Options Means 2020-2025 execution plan for 2020–2022” actually uses the latest expectations of your strategy. It outlines strategies to help you:

  • Present dignified, need-established and highest-quality study and dealing standards for those who have handicaps;
  • Offer social variety at college or university and you may equivalent introduction of international youngsters and you may teams from the university’s area;
  • Enable someone experiencing personal exclusion to pursue higher education at university;
  • Generate ways to help people in the fresh new university’s area to better harmony data and you may/otherwise performs responsibilities with private duties;
  • Produce anti-discrimination strategies and foster a keen organisational community that opinions range and you will respects for every person in new University’s community.

The phrase “gender” looks for the directories away from societal kinds during the policy files, alongside race, nationality, language, resource, social standing, faith, religion or view, decades, intimate orientation, handicap and you may ethnicity

Purpose II have a tendency to “strive for sex equality inside private regions of science and you will education at school through using GEPs regarding people and you will teams and you can courtesy looking for intercourse harmony on the university’s governments”. New implementation of it objective triggered the latest “Vilnius University’s Assistance to own Intercourse-painful and sensitive Code” (Vilniaus universiteto Lyciai jautrios kalbos gaires, 2021) and you may GEPs within this four educational divisions .

Vilnius University’s Professors off Interaction (FC ), Professors away from Business economics and you may Team Government (FEBA ), Faculty off Thinking (FPh ), Institute off Around the world Connections and you will Political Sciences (IIRPS ) and you may Team University (BS ) have all created GEPS. They all target sex equivalence affairs by: integrating intercourse equivalence standards when you look at the organisational files; degree all of the area players; communication activities concerned about feel-raising; and you will monitoring GEP execution. Certain steps regarding the GEPs are different. Instance, the latest GEP of your own IIRPS comes with regular interaction of the formal updates on gender equality inside the house and you can on the outside, and organization of expert events to explore equivalence and you can/otherwise ladies leadership information. This new GEPs out-of FC and you may FPh focus on the creativity and you will dissemination off guidelines to your partnering intercourse for the research and degree, and you may sex equivalence standards generally speaking communications. The newest GEP off FEBA boasts several tips handling gender equivalence factors one of pupils.

The brand new Aquatic Lookup Institute , making use of Klaipeda University’s Faculty off Aquatic Technology and you will Pure Sciences , accompanied the brand new GEP 2018-2023 . That GEP is made from inside the build of Vista 2020 project Baltic Intercourse into the 2018. This new file is founded on a comprehensive present state studies and you will discusses a better job, work and members of the family, and you will enough time-name sustainability of GEP. It offers twelve aim (e.g. step 1.step one. Promote career advancement and you may management) and you may 18 methods to achieve those individuals objectives (age.g. step 1.1.step one. Studies to increase attention to sex points anyway levels).

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