Can You Beat Addiction Without a 12-Step Program

He works in a variety of modalities, primarily cognitive behavioral, spiritual/recovery-based, and psychodynamic. The most impactful and beneficial aspect of Alcoholics Anonymous or a drug program is the community. Lying to loved ones about what you’re doing and with whom, or feelings of shame about your problem can lead to feelings of isolation. The further you stray from who you used to be, the more you feel that you can’t relate to others (or that they can’t relate to you). Having peers who are going through or have dealt with the struggles of alcoholism provides much-needed emotional support. They can also be an invaluable source of practical advice for things like withdrawal and or even repairing relationships with estranged loved ones. Drug rehabilitation facility, there are several reasons why you might be looking for ways of staying sober without AA. The key to lasting and long-term recovery from alcoholism on your own will come from taking away the best aspects of Alcoholics Anonymous and drug rehab and incorporating those practices into your daily life. Just as alcoholism existed before AA, alcoholics have stopped drinking before AA existed. Cirque Lodge is considered amongst our colleagues, as one of, if not the premium drug and alcohol rehab facility in the country.

What happens at 60 days sober?

In the first 60 days of being sober, there might not be any changes right away. Changes will happen when you continue to work on your recovery. The brain needs to be re-trained to function normally without drugs or alcohol. Treatment can be helpful in the early stages of this process.

In no way is AA or the 12 steps the alpha and omega of recovery its strictest adherents would have you believe. Sometimes those who were or still are close and critical to you can contribute to a relapse. Anyone suffering from addiction or drug and alcohol abuse lives a condition that can be exhausting. Wanting to fight addiction can be very challenging too, as a person usually feels hopeless. Luckily, drug rehab and many addiction treatment programs are available in… I have stopped going to meetings and am approaching 13yrs of sobriety. I owe a debt of gratitude to AA for getting me off the booze and showing me genuine friendship, fellowship and love. My life is nothing like it was before I got sober. I am happy and content with my lot most of the time.

Addiction Treatment at Cirque Lodge

That doesn’t mean that treatment doesn’t work, it just means it needs to be adjusted. As said before, research shows that more than one-third of alcoholics recover within the first year. So, when it comes to what percentage of alcoholics recover, it’s 36%. This Sober House percentage increases as recovering alcoholics maintain their sobriety or a low level of drinking. The majority of former alcoholics who stay sober for five years and over usually stay that way. Some individuals suffering from AUD have a moment of clarity.

What are 4 warning signs of a damaged liver?

  • Jaundice or yellowing of the eyes or skin.
  • Pain and distention of the abdomen due to the release of fluid from the liver.
  • Swelling of lower legs due to fluid retention.
  • Confusion or forgetfulness.
  • Dark-colored urine.
  • Pale-colored stool.
  • Chronic fatigue.
  • Nausea or vomiting.

I’m sorry to say that I now view AA as a potentially dangerous cult of sobriety based on an outdated methodology. Its apparent “success” has drowned out newer and better ways to survive a devastating and potentially fatal behaviour problem, such as the CBT-based SMART programme. Im not leaving AA and doing it alone, Im going to smart recovery for a couple of meetings a week then also working with a counselor 1 time per week. The social aspect of groups like Alcoholics Anonymous can add a pleasant camaraderie that highlights that you are far from the only person struggling with alcoholism.

Can You Beat Drug or Alcohol Addiction Without Using a 12-Step Program?

However, in a highly curious duality, AA has no problem with tobacco. You can puff away all you like, suck in some 4000-plus toxic chemicals, expose your brain to the highly addictive nicotine, and it’s perfectly acceptable. The last step calls for you to carry the AA message out into the world. In other words, to help others with their addiction.
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In 2019, almost 15 million people over twelve had an alcohol use disorder . I’ve decided to leave AA after almost 2 years of sobriety. I don’t like the arrogance that AA members have that their way is the ONLY true way to stay sober and everyone else are just dry drunks. I think that I have the conscious choice to pick up a drink or not. It always amazes me to read leaving aa experiences because when you are “in the rooms” no one wants to hear it when you have a grievance so you feel like an outsider. It’s almost a set-up for more rejection (again!) and no alcoholic needs that!

Exercise Therapy

Cirque Lodge offers a combination of experiential, behavioral, and group therapies to provide a holistic and enriching treatment experience. Klonopin is the brand name for a drug called clonazepam. A central nervous system depressant, Klonopin is an effective anti-anxiety medication used in the short-term treatment of anxiety and panic disorders, and in preventing some types of seizure disorders. A structured schedule can help you achieve short-term goals, such as returning to work. It is easy to be triggered if you follow the same routine you found yourself in at the height of your substance abuse. It is vital to learn from these past mistakes, don’t harbor the feelings, and speak to your loved ones and anyone else you believe you have hurt. This will help you move past these toxic thinking patterns.
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If it seems like you are struggling to find a sponsor, do not give up on the process. While you continue your journey, considerutilizing other AA membersto gain support. They may be able to help with recovery and point you in the direction of available sponsors. Finding a sponsor may seem like an intimidating or confusing process, but it does not have to be. Often, a person can find a sponsor through the connections formed before, during and after their frequent AA meetings. By engaging with a sponsor, the person in recovery gains access to support and accountability, which would be hard to get elsewhere. Having a sponsor isn’t a necessary element of 12-step groups, but having a mentor to guide the process can help facilitate movement through the steps and maintain sobriety.

In fact, many opioid addicts cannot feel normal without them. This is probably due to permanent changes in their brains that occurred as a result of long-term exposure to powerful opioids. Even CBD, which isn’t psychoactive, is prohibited. If you’re using THC in any form for pain, anxiety, insomnia or what have you, you can forget it. If you’re willing to forego the inherent connection between alcoholics, there are a myriad of ways to stay sober stay sober without aa with AA. AA does not, nor has it ever claimed to be the one-and-only cure-all for alcoholism. Nevertheless, AA does have the best track record for success. Religious experiences and other self-help groups can also boast of providing substance to sobriety. Many alcoholics will become involved in church or civic activities to help them stay sober. SMART Recovery is a sober community that focuses on helping individuals through group meetings.

You will not find a more beautiful or comprehensive treatment resource to heal and recover from alcoholism or other substance use disorders. Being sober means not being intoxicated, whether from drugs or alcohol. According to the standard medical definition of sobriety, being sober means having ongoing abstinence from alcohol. This is a standard definition shared by support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous. But it’s essential to keep a healthy balance as research has found that recovering addicts often substitute new compulsive behaviors for old ones. Keep a balance and gain control over your choices to avoid transferring one addiction to another. Remember, you have options and can maintain control; this will help you on your sober living journey. There is certainly a vast number of people who have completed treatment programs, yet have not become part of the AA family. While it is common for treatment facilities to encourage involvement in recovery fellowships, there is rarely a mandate that you intend. Many courts will require documented attendance at a recovery meeting to meet pre-sentencing or pre-trial requirements.

How is that good for anyone to be made to think that wew have no power over the decisions that we make? I don’t know about you, but even though I know I could get out of control if I drank too much, but I still think that there is an element of me not being powerless over that. I still make the choice, still have power over the decisions that I make that are right and wrong. There are plenty of other options for you to pursue to be forced to stay in onethat demeans you. I’ve been to AA before and although it is extremely helpful I have to concede that it can get overwhelming at times. There was a time when I wondered if the addiction I was overcoming would make me a permanent AA person. But then I took a decision and attended fewer and fewer sessions until I was sure and confident I didn’t need the support of AA anymore. That was my journey towards complete abstinence. All you need is a bit of self confidence and control. Understanding why we used alcohol and confronting the extent of the problem are necessary steps for lasting change to occur.

I will never forget that she paid her debt, and I was willing to do what was required for once in my miserable life up to that point. I left AA last winter with 23 years of sobriety. I am still sober, and I haven’t abandoned what I’ve learned about staying sober – identifying my triggers and honest responses to drinking. I have had continous sobriety and have been an active participant all this time. My life is good and I am a stable, strong and successful woman… a far cry from the shy young woman who could not cope with her life so many years ago. I have been cutting down on meetings in the past year, going to one a week and I am seriously considering quitting AA for good. I am simply tired of rehashing the same old sad story ….

  • I’m sorry to say that I now view AA as a potentially dangerous cult of sobriety based on an outdated methodology.
  • Many people have indeed managed to defeat an addiction and maintain sobriety on their own for many years.
  • One study found the program 60% more effective than alternatives.
  • If the core of AA is meant to help people get and stay sober, it would adapt to a modern world and/or just stop denying that it is a program of God written by two sexist men that died ages ago.
  • LifeRing is “an abstinence-based, worldwide network” of people who want to live without drugs or alcohol.

Three weeks into my sobriety, a survey I took at a public health clinic flagged me to an outreach program, Project Link, and they hooked me up with an addiction specialist at Weill Cornell Medical Center. I got myself sober and I alone am ultimately responsible for keeping myself sober. I feel good about my sobriety but I don’t necessarily feel pride about it. As my parents pointed out to me when I was a little kid, you don’t get extra points just because, for once, you did what you were supposed to do.
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